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Make it clearer which folder needs to be provided



Having some issues getting this set up. I've tried a variety of folders in the configuration in regards to where the Coffeescript binary is and none of them seem to work.

Was wondering if you could make it clearer, either in the documentation or in the dialogue box where exactly you mean.


DotNetTweaker wrote Oct 15, 2013 at 3:08 PM

My apologies in taking so long to get to this. I kind of forgot this project even existed lol. Anyway the directory you point the plugin at should contain coffee.exe which can be obtained at this link:

Note that the binary is now obsolete. However I don't believe this plugin will work with the actual node coffee script compiler without first making changes to how the plugin is written. I intended back when I first wrote this to finish it but I got a new job and am significantly busier these days. Hopefully I can come back to this and make it right sometime soon.